How to contact expatriates in Tanzania


Tanzanian expatriate who has been stranded in India for three months, said he was told by the Government of India that he can file a complaint and file a petition if he wants.

He had been in India since December, but has not filed any report with the authorities.

However, he was given an official document by the Indian Embassy in Tanzania, which he was allowed to use to get a passport.

Mr Kondu, a retired engineer from Srinagar, said that he has been in contact with several expatriated people who have been in touch with him for the last three months.

The expatriating community is facing an acute shortage of jobs and accommodation in India and many of them are finding it difficult to return home.

The Government of South Africa has given a loan of US$2 million for housing for expatriatives in its Ministry of Social Development, Housing and Urban Development (MSID).

The Indian Embassy has also provided support for the expatriat community through a loan to their family members, including for accommodation, food, utilities, and even travel expenses, according to a statement.

Mr Khudyab, who had been staying in a camp in the city of Garo on the outskirts of Garissa for a month and a half, said the Government has provided him with a room in a hotel but he has not been given a passport yet.

“We have been told that the government has given us a new passport, but no one has given me a copy,” he said.

“There is a queue of people waiting for us to receive the new passport.

I have been unable to get one.”

He said that in the past two weeks, he has received messages from several expats asking for a copy of the new visa, as they do not know if the new document will be available for them in the country.

“The passport that I got last month is not the same as the one I had last year, so they are asking me to bring it back,” he added.

Mr Srinivasan, an expatriatus in Kolkata, has been living in India a year and a day and has filed a complaint with the Government against the Indian embassy.

He has been travelling in India without a visa since April when he got a new visa.

He said he has spent his last day in India in the same place as his wife and three children.

“I cannot take my family with me because they are too afraid of me,” he told The Sunday Times.

“For three months I have not been able to go to work or attend classes because of the fear.

I cannot even go to the bank because I am scared to go there.

I am so angry that the Indian Government has given away my passport.”

Mr Sirinivasan said he is worried about his life and he has already lost his job and his health.

“My children are being taught in a different school than my husband,” he alleged.

“In addition, my husband has been arrested by the police and sent back to jail for not having any papers, and we are not allowed to visit him.

We are worried about our children.”

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