How to hack expat apartments in Saudi Arabia

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A Saudi woman who used to work as a freelance web designer has made her home in the country a hub for expat living. 

Noor Al-Ghaifar used to live in the US but decided to move to Jeddah in 2013 to pursue a career as an IT specialist.

She found the city a “good, safe” place to live and to travel.

She said the city is “a wonderful, safe, secure place to stay and be”.

Al-Ghalifar said the expat community is “so happy” about her arrival.

“I just feel like I’ve finally found a home here, where people can be happy, where they can talk, and where I can do my job.”

She said she has been “extremely fortunate” to have “the support of the city and people”.

“People here are so welcoming and understanding, and very kind,” she said. 

Al-Hafez Al-Shamsi, a Saudi blogger and a former expat who now lives in California, is also moving to Juddah.

He said he is “very excited” to live with his wife, their three children and his three grandchildren. 

“We are very happy to be here,” he said.

The move has been criticised by Saudi Arabia’s expat lobby.

“The Saudi government should reconsider this decision, and the country should not allow the influx of foreign workers into the country to affect the livelihoods of ordinary Saudis,” said Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Ahmad, head of the Expats for Saudi Arabia lobby group.