In France, a few more expats are leaving the country


French expatriates in the United States have been leaving the US to form a new organisation in Canada, with an aim to bring more French citizens to Canada. 

In recent months, expatriate organisations in France and other European countries have been calling for a crackdown on the practice, saying that it is damaging the reputation of the country.

The organisations have said that they want to see a legalisation of expatriating, and a new policy on the matter that will protect the reputation and welfare of French citizens.

In January, French President Emmanuel Macron said that he wants to have a legal system that protects French citizens and their interests.

“The time is now for us to have an end to the practice of expropriation,” Macron said at the time.

Since his election last May, Macron has made a number of initiatives to fight the problem of expats taking jobs from French citizens, and has even announced plans to create a French consulate in the US.

Macron said that France would be willing to cooperate with the US government in a future law, if that was needed to curb the problem. 

French expatriations are leaving FranceThe latest organisation, called France in Exile, was formed in January, with the aim of creating an organisation to help French expats in the States find new opportunities in Canada.

French expat organisation in exile, France in Exile, has said that it wants to create an organisation in the USA to help expatriats who want to come back to France.

Its website said that its aim is to create “a network of expat organisations that will help expats to find new job opportunities in the Americas.”

In 2017, a group of French expat groups filed a complaint against the US Justice Department, saying it had not adequately investigated their complaints about the expat community in the country, and that they had not been compensated for their losses.

On the same day that the organisation launched, French president Emmanuel Macron called for a change in US policy on expatriated expats.

He said that the US is not treating French expati as American citizens, adding that the country should not treat expats like citizens.

The US government did not respond to a request for comment.

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