Why are expats from Malaysia and the Philippines living in Malaysia?


By JOHN MCCOYALDOPublished Feb 06, 2018 12:08:20Malaysia and the Phillipines have a long history of welcoming people who have emigrated from other countries.

The Philippines has long welcomed Filipinos who immigrated there and the two countries have a history of working together on issues such as immigration and development.

But a growing number of Filipinos are finding their way to Malaysia.

The Philippine government said Friday that a group of Filipinas have come to Malaysia as expatriated expats.

They were working as engineers and scientists and were working on an oil refinery, the Malaysian government said.

The group of Filipino workers was working in Malaysia’s oil refinery and they are expected to resume their studies in Malaysia, the government said in a statement.

In a country where there are more than 20 million Filipinos, the Philippines is home to about 3 million expatriating expats, according to the Philippine Consulate in Malaysia.

Many Filipino expatriats in Malaysia have come from China and Vietnam, where they have lived since the 1980s.

The Filipino community in Malaysia is expanding rapidly, and more Filipinos than ever before are emigrating to the country.

In 2014, Malaysia’s government granted permanent residency to about 25,000 Filipinos and granted citizenship to more than 6,000 Filipino residents.

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