U.S. Expatriates, Expat & Other are Overwhelmingly Pro-Expatriate

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A number of social media users on Reddit have taken to social media to vent their outrage over an expatriates policy that allows the United States to deport foreign nationals deemed “illegal.”

The policy is seen as an extension of Trump’s “America First” rhetoric that critics have argued is aimed at creating an all-encompassing, nationalistic America.

“What you are seeing in the United Kingdom and other countries is that there is a lot of fear among the expats and the British and French that they will be deported,” Reddit user Lizwel said in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the expat subreddit.

“There is a sense of, you know, they are going to be deported.”

Lazarus, an expat living in Paris, also shared her frustration in the AMA session.

“The Trump Administration is very much pro-immigration, but they are not in favour of all foreigners, even the ones that are deemed to be criminals,” she said.

Luxembourg expatriacy policy, also posted on Reddit, also seemed to contradict the policies of the U.K. and the U: “The UK has an all expat immigration policy that has allowed foreign nationals who have been convicted of a serious crime to be allowed to remain in the UK,” Luxembourg’s Prime Minister said.

Luxemoirs immigration policy also allows those convicted of “serious crime” to be granted temporary residence permits to remain and work in the country.

“These people can stay for as long as they wish, and they will stay until they are deported,” Luxomoirs Immigration Minister said in a statement on Facebook.

“It is the same with expats.

You are able to stay until you are deported and will be able to re-enter France after you leave.

It is a very good thing.”

The expat policy has been called “anti-British,” a “total disgrace” and an “anti-” expat stance by many.

Some expats have also questioned the policies that allow them to live and work legally in the U., like Lydia, who posted on Facebook: “I’m in France, I have lived here for over a year and I’m not sure what the hell I can do to prevent this?

This is just disgusting.”

While Luxemoirs policy is controversial, it has also been criticized by other expat communities.

The UK expat community also posted an article on Facebook about expats in France and the UK, calling for expats to leave the country and for the government to do a better job of promoting the country’s economy.

“I am so upset with the Brexit decision that I want to go home,” Lydia said in the post.

“I have a job and I don’t want to be treated like a criminal.”