Why do expatriates choose to stay in France?


French expatriate families are flocking to France for the summer.

The country is experiencing its hottest summer on record and some of those families are deciding to stay longer.

The Economist reports: The French government says it has seen a sharp increase in the number of French nationals choosing to stay abroad for longer, particularly in the capital, Paris, which has seen an estimated 300,000 people come here this year, almost double the number it saw in 2016.

Some of the new arrivals have been welcomed by the French government, which argues that France’s “open borders” policy is helping to keep expatriats here.

A recent survey of French expats by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that they are spending more than ever in France, which, at last count, has a population of 6.4 million people.

According to the survey, about 60 per cent of expats are now living in France and 60 per of those have lived in France for more than three years.

The French, who make up a third of the world’s population, make up just 7 per cent.

France, with its low taxes and generous welfare state, is seen as a paradise for expats.

The OECD’s survey suggests that many French expat families want to stay for the long term.

But the question is whether they are going to be able to keep their French passports for long.