How to get your expat happy hour deal to go viral (in 10 minutes)


You don’t need to travel to New York to get an expat friendly happy hour. 

And if you do, you might not even need to leave the US. 

Expatriates in the US can now enjoy a free expat night at a hotel in New York City with expat friends. 

It’s free with a paid-for meal and drink ticket, according to, and all expats are welcome to attend. 

But you need to be an expatriating American and have your passport or visas in order to attend the expat nights. 

You also have to be registered with Expat Life, so that you’ll know if you’re eligible to attend an expati night. 

To find out if you are eligible, you can call the hotel directly at (212) 652-7222. 

If you’re in New Zealand, you’re also eligible to pay $5 for a free night.

But don’t forget to register your phone number in case you need it to check in. 

For a limited time, you’ll also be able to find out more about the expatriates night by visiting the Expedition Expat Club on the ExpatLife website. 

As part of the expati nights, Expat life members can pick up an expats package for free at the hotels listed on 

The offers the same package as the Expatriate Happy Hour package. 

With Expat Weekend, you also get free breakfast and a complimentary food voucher from the hotel that day. 

At least three expats will also be at the hotel with you for the expats night.

And if all else fails, you will be able to pay $30 for a night in a hotel room.

 The best way to save $30 is to purchase an expaten package for $25.