How to find a new job as an expatriating Khobar vehicle driver 0536012530


Expatriate drivers are often considered part of the Indian diaspora.

But they’re still a big chunk of the workforce in many cities and towns, according to the National Centre for Statistics and Programme Implementation.

That’s why the expatriated driver is also called a Khobar vehicles driver.

Here’s how to find the job.1.

You must have an Indian passport and passport validity.2.

You can work from home, or from home and abroad.3.

You don’t need to live in the city where you plan to work.4.

You’ll have to be available to work when the Khobar trucks arrive.5.

You won’t have to go back to the same place for your next shift.6.

You get to choose your own hours and schedules.7.

You have to pay your own fees and travel costs.8.

You will have to wear a uniform, which will vary according to your area.9.

You may have to work longer hours than the rest of the Khazar staff.10.

You are expected to be polite and courteous.11.

You cannot have a boss who doesn’t care about you.12.

You need to report regularly to the Khdar staff.13.

You also have to report any suspected or actual abuse or neglect.14.

You do not have to show up to work at your regular schedule if you don’t feel like it.15.

You should never be late or leave early.16.

You shouldn’t use the same vehicle for more than one shift.17.

You’re not allowed to drive a taxi or private vehicle.18.

You aren’t allowed to leave your Khobar driver’s compartment while on duty.19.

You’d be required to wear an orange jumpsuit at all times.20.

The Khobar cars will be registered as a special vehicle and will be subject to a number of restrictions.21.

You might have to wait until your Khdar vehicle arrives in the area before you can start driving.22.

The expatriative driver will be required by law to wear his uniform and carry his ID.23.

There are no work holidays.

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