French expat workers say they are fleeing ‘a war’

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Quebec, Canada – The French expatriates working in the province of Quebec say they have been “trapped” in the country, and they want the government to help them return home.

The expats say they fear the government’s immigration policy, which allows them to bring in their spouses and children, will be reversed if the Conservatives are re-elected in the May 19 election.

“They’re telling us to leave,” said one expatriat working for a multinational corporation, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“We don’t want to leave.

We want to stay.

We don’t have a choice.”

The expatriats, who are mostly from the U.K., France and Germany, say the Conservative government has allowed them to stay in Canada even though they are unable to work legally.

The Conservatives say they want to protect the jobs of the expats, and say they plan to provide them with permanent residency status.

The Conservative government also says it is helping expatriated Quebecers to get work permits and to obtain their first passports.

The Liberals have pledged to scrap the so-called “green card lottery” that allows expats to bring their spouses, children and others to Canada.

The Quebec government says the expatriating expats have been living in Quebec for years, and have no right to work in Canada.

It has said it will give them a “green” passport that will give the right to live and work in Quebec, including the right for them to work as Canadians.

The government says they have not applied for permanent residency.

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