The New York Times reports that a number of expatriate vehicles were seized in Brooklyn, NY.


New York, NY (AP) The New England Journal of Medicine has confirmed that a group of vehicles owned by expatriated New Yorkers were seized last month in Brooklyn by the New York City Police Department, which is investigating the possible use of narcotics in the area.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told The New Yorker the vehicles were not being used in a drug trade.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The New York Police Department began investigating a number, but not all, of the vehicles last month, after a series of incidents, including one where two people were injured and three people arrested.

The vehicles were found parked in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood in February and March, with one driver allegedly using a fake driver’s license and passport to drive to the airport, according to The New Jersey Post.

Police also searched a number and found drugs inside the vehicles, but no evidence of wrongdoing, Gugelmi said.

The New Yorkers’ cars were returned to the city’s Motor Vehicle Administration.

The investigation into the New Yorkers vehicle seizure is still underway, and a spokesperson for police declined to comment on the number of vehicles seized.