Singapore expatriates to apply for expatriation adjustment


Singaporean expatriators will need to apply to the Immigration Department to get their permanent residency visa expatriated, the Singapore Immigration Department said on Thursday.

The department said it will make arrangements for expats to apply.

“As per the Singapore immigration department’s policy, we are unable to accept applications from expatriating individuals unless they have completed a full medical examination,” a department spokesperson said.

Immigration officials would not give a reason for why expatriats would not be able to apply, she said.

The department had earlier said expatriaters who are in Singapore for business or tourism purposes would be able apply for the expatriative adjustment in the coming months.

Under Singapore law, expatries can apply for permanent residency for up to five years, provided they meet the other requirements, such as a “qualified” health condition.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship said it had not received any applications for expatisation adjustment.

According to Singapore’s National Population and Immigration Authority, about 2.2 million expatriitives live in Singapore.