Why some expats use expat health insurance to cover their expatriate medical expenses


A new program, Expat Health Insurance (EHI), offers expats the option to pay for health care through their bank accounts.

EHI is the latest effort by expats to offer affordable coverage to their overseas partners.

Ehi provides a way to cover your medical expenses while still contributing to the health care system in the U.S.

As an expat, you can’t get an expatriated health insurance card if you’re not married to an American citizen or permanent resident.

But as an expati, you’re eligible to get an EHI card if your spouse or common-law partner is an expatic, permanent resident, or an American.

Here’s how to get one.

The first step is to go to the EHI website, which is located at, and sign up.

After that, you’ll need to register with the service, which will send you a letter containing instructions on how to apply for your EHI cards.

The letter will contain a couple of steps, including the following:1.

If you have an American partner who is not an expats’ expatriation, you must apply for an EHIC.2.

You will be asked to send proof of your relationship to EHI to get your EHIP card.

You must send the proof to the following address:1st Floor, 1101 East 14th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90034The second step is the process of signing up for the service.

To sign up for EHI, go to this link and register.

There, you will need to complete a few questions about your medical conditions, including whether you’re married or cohabiting.

Once you have all of that answered, you should see a confirmation email in your inbox.

The email will be signed with a signature of your partner’s name.

If it’s not signed, then you’ll get a confirmation that there was an error in the form.

If the error is not corrected, then a new email will come back from EHI with the same form.

You can view all of your information and sign in to your account with a new EHI account.

Once you’ve signed up, you need to click on the sign up link on the email that says, “Sign Up Now.”

You’ll need your passport number and other information, which you can enter in a form.

Once your passport is complete, you get a page to fill out that includes your address, your medical condition, and your health insurance plan.

Once that’s done, you click “sign up.”

After you’re signed up and signed in, you have a list of your partners’ addresses and medical conditions.

Once all the information is entered correctly, you’ve registered.

You’ll receive an email from EHI, which asks you to complete the form and submit it to them.

Once completed, you receive an EHEIP card with your name, your passport, and the information for your partner.

It’s important to note that the card is not a full insurance policy.

You don’t get a policy for your health, but you do get a card that will cover your partner for your medical care.

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