What’s next for the UK’s expatriates


A group of expats have launched a campaign to try and encourage the UK government to introduce a similar scheme to allow expats to apply for jobs in other countries. 

In the UK, most expats work for private companies, and they have a limited amount of work experience.

The government has yet to make any decisions on the issue, but a petition has been started by British expat David, who is in the process of getting a job in India. 

“The government has said that it is open to discussing the idea of an employment scheme for expats, but until now they haven’t said anything on the topic,” David told Polygon.

“I’ve heard that the government has been very careful not to talk about the possibility of expatriation.” 

David is the founder of the expatriating company Expat Life and the UK-based NGO Expatriate Life.

He believes the UK is the only country where expats are not allowed to have jobs in another country.

“A few years ago, expats were allowed to work in the UK and the country that they were working in was called India,” David explained.

“Now, they are not.

It is a very strange situation.

They are allowed to be here, but they can’t work in another place.” 

He has created a petition to urge the government to allow a similar program in the country, and has already received over 50,000 signatures.

“It’s time for the government that governs this country to understand what expats do here,” he said. 

A UK-specific employment scheme could mean the difference between life and death for expatriators.

“In some cases, it’s not the case that an expat is actually living in another part of the country.

They might be living in a village and working in a small factory,” David said.

“This would be very difficult for an employer to understand.” 

Another petition, which has gathered more than 15,000 supporters, also asks the government “to take the opportunity to consider the possibility” of allowing expats into India.

“There is a long history of expat expats being employed in India, and we want the UK to ensure that we continue to work with Indian expats and ensure that they are treated fairly,” the petition reads.

“We want to continue working with expats in the future, and in the meantime, we ask that the UK Government work with us to consider this possibility.” 

While the government’s stance on the matter has not changed, expat life is still optimistic.

“India has a much more relaxed attitude towards expats.

It’s a very tolerant society,” David argued.

“The government doesn’t see us as a threat to the country as much.

India has a very good track record of welcoming expats.” 

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