‘Happy Hour’ on the expatriates’ expat compensation: ‘If it’s too much, we’ll go out and have a nice drink’


expatriating and expatriated people have been enjoying a Happy Hour on the mainland since July, when they started celebrating the holiday in mainland China.

A popular tourist destination in Shanghai, the expat expat happy hour started with a party of locals and locals friends.

They drank beer, played cards and ate snacks.

The party started at 6pm, and people waited until 10pm to celebrate the occasion.

While the expats were happy, they were also frustrated with the amount of compensation they received, according to local media.

Many expats in Shanghai complained that they were paid more than their normal salary, while others said they were left with a hole in their pocket.

The expat holiday party was organised by the Chinese National Tourism Administration and the Shanghai Expo and Trade Center, the city’s official tourism agency, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

The expats paid the money directly to the hotel in the form of a credit card, the agency added.

The Shanghai Expo Center’s manager, Li Guoliang, told Xinhua that they didn’t have to ask any foreign company for the hotel accommodation and accommodation would be provided.

“We did this because we were so concerned about the expatic people’s welfare, and we felt like it was a great opportunity for the expos,” he said.

Some expats said they had to wait for up to two months for their hotel accommodation to be paid.””

But we didn’t want to force them.”

Some expats said they had to wait for up to two months for their hotel accommodation to be paid.

“They’re really worried about what will happen to them,” said Zhang Yi, a Shanghai-based IT consultant.

“They’re so scared that they have no choice but to return home.”

Another expat, Liu Xin, told the Xinhua news agency that he and his wife, who are expats, had to return to China and live with their parents in the city of Qingdao.

“I have been living in China for a year now, and I have received about 2.7 million yuan [US$26,000] for my visa, which I received on July 5,” he told the news agency.

“I am in no rush to return.

I am a bit nervous about it.””

The hotel they’re staying in is quite a big place, and it is not cheap.

I am a bit nervous about it.”

He added that he felt he had no choice, but he wanted to get home as soon as possible.

“It’s very sad, but I don’t have any other choice,” Liu Xin said.

“We have been here for more than three years, and the amount they paid for us is a bit excessive.

If it’s a bit too much I’ll go and have some drinks.

But I’m not worried about that.

The hotel is good, so we’ll enjoy the night.”

According to the official Chinese Social Security Administration, the average salary for a Chinese worker is about 1,500 yuan [HK$2,100], which is roughly the same as the average annual salary of a worker in the United States.

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