Chinese expatriate, husband of Saudi diplomat arrested in Qatar

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Qatar has arrested a Saudi expatriating husband of a Saudi diplomat for allegedly having sex with her.

Al Jazeera English reports that the Saudi diplomat, identified only as A.M. and whose name has been withheld by the Qatar government, was arrested on Sunday.

She was arrested while working on a project for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry’s official news agency reported.

The woman, identified by the ministry as A., was working as a contractor for the Saudi ministry of foreign affairs when she met her Saudi husband, a senior Saudi official who works in the Saudi embassy in Doha told Al Jazeera.

The Saudi embassy declined to comment on the case, and the ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Al Jazeera on Sunday evening.

Qatar is home to the US embassy and a number of other US embassies.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry said the woman, who works as a translator, was detained for four days and was being questioned by the Qatari authorities.

She has been released on bail, the ministry said.

The arrest comes as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates continue to press Qatar to release a group of Saudi expats, who have been held in detention since last year, who were accused of spying for Qatar.

The arrests came after Saudi Arabia last month issued an ultimatum to Qatar, saying it must provide all of the information about the detained Saudi expat, whose name and nationality have been withheld from the public.

The Saudis have been holding more than 40 Saudi expatiates, including senior officials, on suspicion of spying and other crimes.

They also accuse them of being involved in a failed assassination attempt in 2016, in which a Saudi man was killed.

Saudi Arabia, the United States and several other Gulf states have accused Qatar of harbouring and supporting al-Qaeda, the militant group that controls much of the Arabian Peninsula.

Saudi King Salman, who has long pushed for closer ties with Qatar, has said he would consider all options, including a military intervention, if the expatriated expats are released.

Saudi expatriats are among the most vulnerable and vulnerable people in the world, with millions of dollars in assets in Saudi Arabia.

They are often subjected to discrimination and violence in Saudi jails, including by security forces, and they are often victims of harassment by Saudi authorities.

Qatari authorities said they are holding a dozen people, including several Saudi exposers, who are suspected of espionage.

They are expected to appear in court on Monday.

Saudi authorities said the detainees were involved in the assassination attempt, but that they did not know the identity of the attacker.QATAR – AFP  (Reuters, Al Jazeera English)

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