Why you can’t take your smartphone to the beach without a visa


Travellers are being asked to return to the country where they’ve lived for years by the Government.

Photo: Andrew Meares If you want to visit the beaches of South Australia, or any other part of the country, you’ll need to apply for a passport before you can get a tourist visa.

The Government says the policy is to encourage tourism, but critics say it’s actually a barrier to entry.

Why it’s a barrier: There are two ways to apply to apply.

You can apply for an Australian tourist visa to travel to a country outside of Australia, without the need to visit.

This is what the Government calls “a dual visa”.

Alternatively, you can apply in person to get a visa for your trip.

Once you have a visa, you will need to get approval from your visa officer.

The Government has been warning Australians about dual visas since the ABC revealed the practice last year.

A recent review of passport policies in the US found that only 10 per cent of people were being properly notified about dual visa policies, and many were not even aware that they were dual citizens.

What you need to know: A tourist visa is valid for up to four months, and requires a passport for entry to the destination country.

But once you get a passport, you need a visa officer to approve it.

It can be tricky to get this approval, as it depends on whether you’ve already been approved for an entry visa or have applied for a new visa.

When the visa officer confirms that you are a dual citizen, the Government will then issue you a tourist passport.

If you are still not approved, you may have to apply again.

If your visa application is rejected, you could be sent back to the US or other countries where you’ve been for a visa overstay.

Your passport will be returned to you if you’re allowed to return.

Travel with a dual visa is currently a priority, and it will be renewed every two years.

The deadline for renewal is April 30, 2020.

Who gets a dual passport?

You will only need to prove you’ve lived in Australia for four months if you have been approved to travel.

Anyone who has lived in the country for four years and is not applying for a tourist or visa can still apply for one.

Foreigners who have lived in South Australia for three years or more will also need to show they have been a permanent resident.

To qualify for a dual Australian passport, the holder must have lived or been a resident of Australia for at least two years before applying.

For more information, read our guide to dual Australian passports.

What do I need to do if I want to stay longer?

There’s no limit to the length of time you can stay in South Africa, but you must apply for and receive a tourist travel visa each year.

You can apply twice for the same visa.

You will also have to have a passport to enter the country.

The visa will expire after six months, but the Government says it will renew it at the same time.

Can I get a travel visa in Australia without a passport?


There is no visa requirement to travel in Australia with a visitor visa.