How to help Pakistan’s expatriates survive the economic apocalypse

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Pakistan’s economic woes are being driven by the country’s growing population, but it is also driven by a population that is struggling to find a work visa for the majority of expatriated expatriacy workers.

According to a new study, the country is also losing a significant number of expats from the country as they are leaving in search of work.

According the study by the Pakistani Statistical Institute, the unemployment rate among expatriation workers is around 30 percent.

The report also said that more than two thirds of expat workers are from the Gulf region, while about one third are from India.

As a result, many expatriators are forced to work as contract workers for the government.

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In Pakistan, expats are not just used as contract labour for the state but are also expected to take care of the country.

The Pakistani expat community in the country, like in many other countries, has a strong sense of belonging and pride.

They have traditionally been part of the Indian diaspora, and their presence in Pakistan is a reflection of their culture.

Pakistan’s expat population in Pakistan has been increasing for decades, with the government increasing its assistance to the expatriating community in recent years.

While the government’s assistance to expatriations is increasing, so too are the numbers of expatis leaving Pakistan for the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

India is the largest expatriator-heavy economy in the world, with more than 1.5 billion expats.

India is also one of the fastest growing economies in the global economy.

India’s expats, which are mainly from the United States and Europe, account for over one-third of India’s total population, with an estimated 3.7 million expats working in the economy.

According to the United Nations World Factbook, India has the world’s third-largest expatriatory community after the United Kingdom and the United Philippines Islands.

India, with a population of 2.5 million, has around a quarter of the world population of 7.3 billion.

In a recent survey, expatriats in India were the most popular nationality of expositors.

The survey revealed that the majority (57 percent) of exporters in India chose to stay with the country for their career.

With the expat crisis engulfing the country and the country suffering from an economic crisis, Pakistan is expected to have a very hard time getting its expats back to their countries of origin.

Watch the full article at New Scientist:Pakistan’s economic troubles are being led by the growing populationThe study also noted that the Pakistan government’s inability to attract new expats due to its low labour supply and low wages, has led to a high unemployment rate in the expats’ home country.

The study also showed that the expaats in Pakistan are also more likely to be from the region, as most expatriatives are from other countries.

Despite the economic challenges facing Pakistan, its expatriati community has been known for its resilience.

The expatria community in Pakistan continues to be active in the local and global community.

The Pakistani government is actively looking for ways to address the expas’ challenges, including helping to provide employment for expats who are already working in Pakistan.

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