How to find a visa expatriate in Australia


Aussie immigration experts are advising travellers to consider whether they have the necessary qualifications to live in Australia.

Key points:The latest figures show the number of Australians living abroad increased by 11.4% in the year to March, up from a year agoThe number of overseas Australians living in Australia fell by 9.6%The number living overseas increased by more than 20,000 in the past yearBut visa expats are often excluded from Australia’s visa systemIt’s not unusual for Australians to be overlooked when they apply for visas abroad, and many of those Australians are people with limited English skills.

A visa expat living in the United States for example, can’t apply for a visa for another 10 years, so many Australians do not apply.

But even if they do, many of them won’t be able to stay in Australia permanently, meaning they’re not eligible to apply for permanent residence visas.

And with more than 22,000 Australians living overseas, this is the biggest number of expats in the country’s history.

The Government has made changes to the way visas are granted and the criteria for determining eligibility for temporary residency visas are now stricter.

The changes were announced in March, but were still only announced on March 29, six days after the new policy was announced.

The changes are a response to a Government review which found many expats did not meet the requirements for permanent residency, and that Australia’s migration program was not delivering the expected numbers.

Australia’s foreign minister, Peter Dutton, says the Government will continue to make changes to Australia’s immigration policy to make it more attractive to Australians, and ensure it is not disadvantaging people with less skills.

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