The best jobs in India, by expatriate network

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In the past few years, India has become an important exporter of skilled workers, and a hotbed of IT outsourcing.

But for some expatriated expats, their jobs are now being squeezed.

The biggest employers of Indian expats are the countrys largest IT companies.

These companies have been growing rapidly in India in recent years.

But they have been struggling to attract expats with skills needed for those jobs.

India’s largest IT firms are struggling to hire expats as many are unwilling to pay higher salaries than the prevailing salaries in the US, according to a new report by the World Bank.

While the IT industry employs about 1.6 billion people, only 2.5 percent of the total workforce is employed in the IT sector.

The remaining 95 percent of workers are employed in other sectors, like transportation, construction, retail and agriculture.

The World Bank estimated that India had over 11 million IT professionals in 2017, up from just over 6 million in 2016.

That means that only about a third of the workforce in India is currently employed in IT, and that’s just for those who have returned to the country.

The new report says the number of Indian IT professionals working in the United States has dropped by a whopping 66 percent over the past decade.

That is because many of those who left India to pursue other careers in the States have returned home, and those who remain in India are now working in IT as well.

According to the report, Indians working in America have more than doubled in the past four decades, from 1.1 million in 1990 to 2.2 million in 2019.

But the biggest reason for this increase is the rise in the number and size of companies that are outsourcing their IT work.

In 2019, there were 5,822 American companies outsourcing more than 50 percent of their IT jobs to India.

The next-largest group was Amazon with 4,981 jobs.

And Google with 2,837 jobs.

India has also become the second largest source of outsourcing jobs in the world, after the United Kingdom.

When it comes to jobs being outsourced, India’s biggest employers are the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

They have a combined workforce of almost 3.6 million.

The UAE has the largest IT workforce in the Middle East, with 3.8 million employees.

Singapore has a combined IT workforce of more than 4.1 billion.

And both the UAE and Singapore have seen a surge in their IT companies over the last decade.

What this means is that the number working in India has been steadily increasing over the years, with the country having more than 8 million workers in 2017.

And the trend continues.