‘The Last Days’ trailer shows off the final version of the film


A trailer for the upcoming thriller The Last Days has gone online for the first time, as the film is set to be released in cinemas this November.

The trailer for The Last Day was first revealed back in December, when director James Gunn revealed that it would be his first feature film since Guardians of the Galaxy and that he was working on a script.

Gunn also revealed that he is working on his first film with a female director and that it will be “very dark and brooding”.

“I just love storytelling and that’s why I’ve been doing this for so long, because I can tell stories that people don’t want to hear,” Gunn said at the time.

“I’m working on it with a beautiful woman, and I hope that she can deliver something that people are excited about.”

The trailer, which has now been viewed more than 9 million times, features the first footage of the story, and features a montage of characters who will be introduced over the course of the movie.

The film is said to be set during the 20th century, where a mysterious alien race known as the Reapers has come to Earth to claim control over the planet.

The Reapers have a plan to wipe out all of humanity and to take over the world by destroying the human race, while simultaneously creating a new race of “Elders”, who will become immortalised in the Reaper DNA.

The plot revolves around a mysterious organisation called the “Elder Council”, which is set up by a woman named Eve, who is an ex-CIA agent who has been abducted by the Reavers and who has to find a way to help them control the world.

The Last Day is set for release in cinemagoers houses in the US, UK, France and Germany this November, with the UK release date set for the same date.

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