How to Make a Murderer 2: The Making of The Case: An Expat in Dubai

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When it comes to expatriates in the Middle East, there’s no shortage of crime drama, but what’s more interesting is the film genre that’s currently taking the stage in the country.

In this article, we’ll delve into the latest films and TV series that showcase expatries in Dubai.

The Expat: An Expatriate in Dubai is the latest in a long line of films that show how expatriation has changed the lives of expatriated Emiratis.

Based on the memoir of an expatriating journalist, this film is a tale of the lives, characters, and worlds of expats in Dubai and the UAE.

The film opens with a young man named Mohammed al-Majid, who is a journalist for a local newspaper.

Upon arriving in Dubai, Majid’s wife leaves him for his friend, who then decides to move to Dubai to be with her.

He returns home, having left his job at a local restaurant.

Soon after his arrival in Dubai he meets his old friend, Al-Jumail, a former taxi driver who now works as a driver for a private car company.

Majid eventually meets a young woman named Al-Rabah who he falls in love with.

However, he soon discovers that Al-Zawahiri is a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the group that carried out the 2015 Paris attacks.

Al-Mawla (Al-Zawaher al-Hadi) is a Saudi Arabian who has been living in the United Arab Emirates since 2003.

She has a job at the local grocery store, but her salary is withheld by her employer, who claims she’s “too old” for the job.

She leaves her family home in Saudi Arabia for the UAE, which she has a hard time adjusting to.

When Al-Hajjaj (Hassan Al-Khair) shows up at Majid and Al-Mahdi’s house, Majidi immediately suspects that Al Majd, who’s also a journalist, is the mastermind behind the terrorist attack that killed 17 people and wounded over 200.

Al Majda is a former journalist for Saudi Arabia’s state-owned newspaper al-Hayat, and has been active in the media for over 20 years.

She’s the daughter of the Saudi royal family, and was a reporter for al-Jazeera English and a frequent guest on Saudi state TV.

Al Masri (Mohammed Abdulaziz) is the son of a prominent businessman in the UAE and works as an IT consultant in the state-run Emirates News Agency.

In fact, Al Masrip is the second cousin of the late Saudi Arabian royal Prince Nayef, who was the prime minister of Saudi Arabia until his death in 2015.

He was also the director of Saudi-funded TV stations al-Mayadeen and al-Tawhid.

Al Mansour (Mohamed Ibrahim) is Al-Najdi’s husband.

Al Hussein (Mohamad Habib) is an expat working as a cleaner in Dubai’s Royal City.

When his employer, the owner of a local coffee shop, decides to fire him, Al Mansur runs away with his girlfriend to join his father in the US.

Al Mazhar (Nasser Al-Tahrir) is one of Al-Hamid’s best friends.

When he returns home from work to find his wife dead, he decides to start an organization to raise money for her funeral.

Al Muhammadi (Hafiz Al-Alayni) is another friend of Al Mansouri.

When one of his friends is killed in a car accident, he becomes involved with an anti-government activist group, and the group is eventually banned from participating in the elections.

Al Qahtani (Mohammad Ali Al-Qahtawi) is Majid Al-Mutassim’s uncle, who runs a small coffee shop.

Al Hamdani (Ali Hamad) is his friend’s wife and lives with her in Dubai after his divorce.

Al Tawhid (Mohamsa Mohammed Ibrahim) works as the editor of a Dubai newspaper and is the cousin of Saudi prince Nayef.

In the end, Majida and Al Hamad are killed when Al-Muhammad and Al Mazarah detonate a suicide bomb in the restaurant.

A few months later, Al Mazhari is killed as a result of a bomb planted by al-Hamdani.

In addition to this, Al Muqdad (Naseem Al-Masri) is killed by al Qaeda militants in March 2017.

The second film in this list, The Case of the Expat, follows a former police officer named Ahmed al-Saadi as he

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