The 5 Most Expensive Places to Live in 2018


Expatriates are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, and according to an analysis by Expatriate Care, their healthcare costs are more than five times more expensive than the average American.

In 2018, they were the top-spending segment of all Americans for the first time, spending $12,500 per year on healthcare, according to Expatriated Care.

The new report, Expatriation Healthcare Reviews, outlines the top 10 cities for expats who live in them, which were chosen based on the number of expatriates living there and the cost of living.

The 10 cities were chosen from the cities with the highest percentage of expat households, the highest cost of health insurance, and the lowest cost of employer-provided healthcare.

In addition, the cities that have the highest expatriated population share, are among the most expensive in the country.1.

Las Vegas, Nevada-$15,838 per year2.

New York City, New York-$11,066 per year3.

Seattle, Washington-$10,928 per year4.

Dallas-Fort Worth-$9,664 per year5.

Austin, Texas-$8,852 per year6.

San Francisco, California-$7,988 per year7.

Miami, Florida-$6,567 per year8.

Las Cruces, New Mexico-$5,721 per year9.

Cleveland, Ohio-$4,715 per year10.

Atlanta, Georgia-$3,902 per year1.

Atlanta-Sandy Springs, Georgia, $12.5 million2.

Austin-Round Rock, Texas, $11.2 million3.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida, $9.4 million4.

Seattle-Tacoma, Washington, $7.6 million5.

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, $5.7 million6.

Denver-Aurora-Boulder, Colorado, $4.9 million7.

Salt Lake City-Clearfield, Utah, $3.9 mln8.

Seattle – West Seattle, West, Washington state-$2.8 million9.

San Antonio-New Braunfels, Texas,-$2 million10.

Miami – Jacksonville, Florida,-$1.7 mln1.





Salt City6.




Denver10. San Diego

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