India’s Expatriate Rishta’s ‘Expatriacy’ in the R&A market is now the fastest growing segment


Rishti Yadav, the founder of Expatriot, has decided to make a comeback after losing his job as CEO of India’s biggest IT firm, Infosys.

Yadav, who was CEO of InfosYS, told TechRadars that the decision to quit his job was a tough one, as the company’s turnover was over Rs1,000 crore in the year ended 31 March 2018, up from Rs1.1 crore in March 2017.

He said he had been looking at options for his company but after a discussion with his family, he decided to return to the city.

“I felt I have a chance to make an impact in the market.

If you are an entrepreneur, if you want to succeed in the industry, you need to understand that there are no shortcuts.

You have to have the right mindset and the right environment,” Yadav said.

Yathav was CEO for seven years at Infosyncs.

In an interview with TechRadaria, Yadav explained that he had decided to take on the new challenges of being an expatriate and taking care of his family.

“The company I was in was a small company, and my wife and I did not have the funds to invest in the technology side of things.

So, we had to work in a remote environment for six months.

So I was going from one end to the other, trying to do things the right way,” Yadava said.

He added that the move towards expatriates was a change that the company had to make.

“We have been working with expatriation for a while, and the fact that we had a large expatriacy group means that we have to make this change now,” Yadaval said.

“Our staff was working on software in Bangalore.

So it is good to have more of a company-wide culture, which has also helped,” he added.