New rules will allow Indian expats to apply for work in UK without having to obtain visa from country


Indian expatriates in the UK will be able to work as freelancers, in the latest move to help the country’s economy after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

The new rules will be introduced on Friday, the first time in more than 20 years that expatriations have been allowed to work in the country without obtaining a work permit.

The rules, which come into force on March 8, will mean that Indian expat workers, who account for around 5% of the UK’s workforce, can start working in Britain as independent contractors without a visa.

The changes have been welcomed by many Indian expati workers, as well as the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), which represents more than 400,000 expatriated workers in the United Kingdom.

“This is a step forward in the right direction.

India has a huge potential and we must take advantage of it.

The government is listening to its citizens and making this a reality,” said Prakash Patel, general secretary of the ITUC, in an email to the BBC.

The move comes as Indian expatic workers continue to take a more active role in the global economy.

Last month, the country became the first country in the world to ban the use of “factory labour” in a move seen as a major step in the development of global manufacturing.

The country is also one of the fastest growing economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

India is currently home to about 40 million expatriating workers, according to the Indian Embassy in the US.

The ITUC estimates that the country employs about 20 million expats, and the majority of them are Indian.

While the government has been vocal about its commitment to the globalisation of the Indian economy, expats have not been a focus for policymaking.

It has long been an issue in the British parliament, with the government arguing that expats contribute significantly to the country.

Earlier this month, a bill that would have allowed expats in Britain to work without obtaining their own work permits was defeated in parliament.

The bill, dubbed the UK Expatriate Work Permit Act (UKWPA), had been passed by the House of Commons in April, but was stalled in the lower house.

According to the ITU, the UKWPA was one of several measures to help expats get a job in Britain.

The new rules would also enable Indian expates to apply to work legally in the U.K. in the future.

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