How can expatriates apply for residency in Malaysia?


Expatriate residency in Australia is available for expats in most states, including New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

However, there are a few issues expats have to clear to be able to apply for it.

For example, they have to prove that they are a genuine resident of Australia and have been living here for at least six months.

They must also meet the following requirements: they must be willing to leave their home country and return to it, but will not be compelled to leave Australia; they must have resided here for six months and have not been convicted of an offence in Australia; and they must provide documentation that includes a passport, travel document or identification card that confirms they have been in Australia for at most six months, and that they have had no contact with the country they are applying for residency to.

However if they do not have these requirements, they will not qualify for residency, meaning that expats will have to travel to Malaysia for an interview.

In addition, expats who have been convicted in Australia will have their residency status revoked and their Australian citizenship will be revoked, meaning they will no longer be able use Australian passports.

The Government has said that expatriating expats must comply with the new Australian Citizenship Act, which came into force in December 2017.

It has also introduced an ‘Australian Citizenship Check’ service, which will check expats against the criteria set out by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

However in April 2018, the Australian Government said that it was reviewing the legislation, and would make changes to the citizenship requirements if it had more information.

This could mean that expat residency could become more difficult for expat expats to obtain.

Some expats are also worried about the Australian Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, who announced in May 2018 that the Government would not be giving any extra funding to expatriations.

Australian Citizenship Check is available on the Government’s website.

Some states have introduced a ‘Australian Citizen Check’ that allows expats from overseas to check their citizenship status.

If the expats does not have a ‘passport proof’ of Australian citizenship, they are required to supply a passport proof to the Australian Embassy in Malaysia.

The Australian Embassy is a non-governmental organisation and does not make decisions on expatriational applications.

If a passport is not provided by the expat, the passport will be held for the duration of the expatriative stay.

Expatriation applicants can also apply for citizenship by applying for a certificate of citizenship.

This is a document issued by the Australian government to show the Australian citizen is a resident of the country where the person has lived since leaving Australia.

It is not a formal document but is considered official proof that the person is a citizen.

It can only be applied for once.

If an expat is not given the certificate of residency they will have a six month period to reapply for citizenship.

If they do, they can apply for Australian citizenship again if they meet the requirements above.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in April that it had a plan to give expats a ‘permanent residency certificate’ if they have already applied for residency.

The document will be issued for six years after the expatiates residence has ended and can be renewed at any time.

There are also a number of requirements for expatriators to meet when applying for Australian Citizenship.

It must be available for inspection by the Immigration Department; a person must demonstrate that they can afford to live in Australia without money or resources and are not abusing the system; and a person cannot have been prosecuted in Australia or have any convictions in Australia.

The ‘Australian Citizens Check’ website has information on these requirements and more.

The expatriated person can apply online to have their Australian Citizenship status revoked, and they can still apply for a Certificate of Citizenship.

Australian Citizen Check service is available at the Australian Department of Citizenship and Immigration website.

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