Why is IBM expatriating?


IBM has announced it will expatriates in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom as part of its $9.4 billion acquisition of Watson, the company’s artificial intelligence platform.

The move, announced in a blog post, was made to “strengthen the company and its international footprint” and “streampost our relationships with our key customers”.

It comes after IBM announced it would expand its presence in the US by buying rival DeepMind in August.IBM and DeepMind are the brains behind AI technologies such as the AI-based Deep Dream, Deep Learning, and Watson.

The Watson acquisition will add Watson to IBM’s growing global presence. 

IBM previously owned 10 per cent of DeepMind and 20 per cent to the Australian startup DeepMind Australia.

The acquisition of IBM and Deep Mind will strengthen IBM’s presence in Australia and the global intelligence ecosystem and support our strategic investment in Watson and other AI-related technology. 

We look forward to building on our strong foundation with Watson, as well as our existing partnerships with key customers in the intelligence industry, including Google and Facebook, to deliver powerful, innovative solutions for our clients. 

The IBM-DeepMind partnership will allow us to further strengthen our international footprint. 

AIBM has previously announced a number of initiatives in Australia to expand the presence of its AI and robotics expertise. 

It has previously acquired artificial intelligence company DeepMind, the technology behind Google’s AI, as part it’s AI acquisitions.

IBM also recently announced plans to open a new research facility in Sydney, a move it hopes will attract talent and create more jobs.