Expatriate News | Niger: Nigerians are fleeing for Europe


Nigerians in Nigeria are fleeing the country after the country’s government imposed curbs on their entry to the European Union and forced them to leave their homes.

The move by President Goodluck Jonathan came in the wake of a deadly wave of violence that swept through the northeast in the past year, leaving at least 200 dead and thousands of others displaced.

The country’s ruling National Assembly has declared a state of emergency and is planning to deport about 250,000 expatriate residents to the former British colony of Mauritius.

Jonathan has promised to protect the country from a potential wave of attacks by Islamic militants and has been criticized for not adequately providing support to the countrys military, which has been battling Islamist groups and has faced criticism for its slow response.

More:Expatriators in Nigeria live in fear after government bans them from entry into EuropeThe UN Refugee Agency said in a report released Monday that about 50,000 Nigerians who live in the former colony, Mauritius, are expected to be sent to Mauritius for resettlement.

It said more than 7,000 are currently in the country and have been waiting for their case to be decided.

Niger, the poorest country in Africa, has an unemployment rate of nearly 15 percent and the country is facing severe poverty, the United Nations says.

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