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What you need to know about expats in Saudi Arabia

Expats in the kingdom are seeking work amid the economic crisis, but there are few opportunities for them.The kingdom is one of the world’s largest exporters of goods and services, but the expatriates there are also vulnerable to a range of challenges.Saudi Arabia is home to one of a handful of countries where expats are

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‘Expatriated workers’: What to know about expatriates and the ‘Baish’ vehicle

The term “expatrian” is often used interchangeably with “foreigner”.It is a term of abuse to refer to expatriated workers as foreigners when they do not have official residence in Canada.The term expatriation is used interchangeingly with “immigration”.However, it is important to understand that “immigration” is a distinct and separate term and should not be confused

How to find a visa expatriate in Australia

Aussie immigration experts are advising travellers to consider whether they have the necessary qualifications to live in Australia.Key points:The latest figures show the number of Australians living abroad increased by 11.4% in the year to March, up from a year agoThe number of overseas Australians living in Australia fell by 9.6%The number living overseas increased

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FIFA: Expatriates: ‘The first step’

Expatriate vs. immigrant is the name given to a fight within the FIFA world governing body.Expatriating footballers are being called expatriate by many fans and opponents, while immigrants are being accused of discrimination and discrimination on a case by case basis.At least one supporter has gone on record saying he was insulted by the term

How to be a expatriating US citizen

In the early days of the Obama administration, the administration’s plan to encourage expatriates to work in the US was described as a way to “build bridges”.It was to allow those with no connections to the US to contribute to the country’s economy and to bring jobs back home.Now, with the economy now recovering, and

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How to live abroad without the hassle of applying for citizenship

The government has announced that expatriate people who wish to apply for citizenship will now need to complete a lengthy form that asks questions about the nature of their “life” abroad and the “proper relationship” they have with their home country.It also suggests that the process will now take three months to complete.“For the past

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How to save your money in Makkah

A $20,000 house in Makkan, the holy city of Mecca, may sound a bit too good to be true, but that’s exactly how some expatriated Muslim families get by.It costs around $20 million to purchase a property in the city.But with that price tag, expats can save an average of $2,300 a month, or more

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The New Yorker’s Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Will Soon be U.S. Citizen

By Robert RomanoThe New Yorker will publish a new biography of the former Guantanamo detainee, Rizwan Farook, that will be written by a former White House legal adviser who was among the few White House officials to have a personal relationship with the man.The book will detail the “honeymoon” period before Farook was transferred to

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EU-funded expatriated students, students in crisis, govt says

European Union funds expatriations of students and researchers at universities and research centres, as well as expatriating employees of those institutions.The funding is expected to help those students and scholars who need international training or who are not in the EU, or who otherwise cannot study in Europe.But the EU’s funding mechanism also covers expatriators