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When to visit Saudi Arabia: What to know about expatriate expatry

Saudi Arabia is the largest expatriation destination in the world, but expatriating workers aren’t always welcomed by the country’s rulers.In the kingdom, expatriated workers must meet with their employers and face certain restrictions.For example, expats working for expats in Saudi Arabia must maintain residency at a designated residence in the country and must also pass

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How to celebrate the start of the FIFA Confederations Cup

10 July 2018 08:21:55 FIFA Confederates Cup is upon us.And the opening ceremony is here.For the moment, however, there is a lot of focus on the football.It’s an international competition in which more than 20 countries from around the world compete for the same prize pool, and the match is played over four days, with

When a Venezuelan expatriates job is to take place in New York

Venezuela has been embroiled in a series of expat killings over the past two years.Now, one expat’s job in New Jersey has been cancelled.The expatriation of Luis Hernandez, a teacher and lecturer, from Venezuela to the US was due to take effect this week.Hernandez was murdered in a car crash in September, two months after