Canada’s Expatriate Job Market is Widely Expensive

Quebec expatriates, who are the world’s largest expatriated population, may not be the most coveted job, but they’re not necessarily lacking in skills.And while Quebec’s job market has been growing rapidly in recent years, the demand for these workers has been increasing.But what if you have a job search?We asked some expat expats how their

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How to get a job in Paris if you are an expatriat

French nationals in Paris, the capital, can get a leg up on the job market if they have a work permit from the United States.They can qualify for a salary of $25,000 and a two-year guarantee to cover medical expenses if they get a serious injury or illness, according to a U.S. website.But expatriates in

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Which country is the most expatriate-friendly? – Quebec

Quebec, Canada’s third-largest province, ranks at number two on the list of most expat-friendly provinces.Quebécois residents are generally well-liked by the people they have been living in for years, but are also highly sought after by expats who want to take advantage of the Canadian labour market and the country’s generous welfare system.Here are some